Tiki Kev

Capture the island feel with the concepts of Tiki Kev�s Signature Tiki bars and huts. Tiki Kev� offers Portable Tiki bars, Custom Tiki bars, Tiki huts and Custom Decks. Providing services for customers all across the country, Tiki Kev�s craftsmanship, quality and customer service cannot be matched!

Tiki Kev� has been designing Tiki bars and Tiki huts for over a decade. All Tiki Kev Tiki bars, Tiki huts and custom built decks are designed to accommodate each customer�s specific area and needs. Every tiki bar is custom made in Tiki Kev�s shop in Bucks County PA and delivered and set up at the customer�s home by Tiki Kev. While you can certainly find cheaper designs with other companies, no other products look nearly as good or withstand the wind and weather as well as Tiki Kev�s. Rather than purchase a liability, make an investment in a Tiki Kev design that will last for years to come. Tiki Kev’s work is his passion� you will NOT be disappointed.



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