How Essential Are Garden Furniture Covers?

coversYou have picked out your garden furniture. Learned how to clean and care for it, and now begs the question, “Do I need garden furniture covers?” To answer this question you will need to consider how often will your garden furniture be utilized? How heavy is the garden furniture you have decided on? How is easy is your garden furniture to move? Is your garden furniture mobile or stationary? Do you have storage space to put your garden furniture when it is not in use? While answering these questions, you may decide that you want the added peace of mind of covering your furniture when it is not being utilized. You may wish to forego the additional cleaning and care require after a good hard rain. You may want to protect your garden furniture from flying objects when the winds start blowing things around. If you have chosen lightweight garden furniture made from wicker, braided aluminum, or PVC, you may want to find a utility closet, or utility or garden shed, but then the additional effort of moving it from place to place may be too much. If the garden furniture you have chosen is made from a heavier material such as iron, steel or wood, garden furniture covers would be a solution to your dilemma. In either case you may wish to opt for garden furniture covers as a matter of convenience. No hauling or heavy duty lifting is required. The cleaning and care of the garden furniture has been made easier by the use of a garden furniture cover.

The garden furniture covers are made from a thick gauge vinyl with a polyurethane lining. The thicker the gauge of vinyl the more durable the cover. The vinyl exterior of the garden furniture cover protects your furniture from the rain and the snow. The polyurethane lining is treated to withstand water and wetness as well as protecting your garden furniture from nicks and scratches. The garden furniture covers are made from woven fabric to allow for airflow. This helps prevent mold and mildew forming on your garden furniture. As to the winds ability to blow the cover off the garden furniture, the garden furniture covers are made with an elastic bottom edge or some are made with a draw string bottom with a durable lock to hold the garden furniture covers in place.

Most garden furniture cover companies also carry cushion storage. If you want to store the cushions separate from the frame of the furniture itself, this is a bonus to accompany your garden furniture covers. The garden furniture covers come in several colors. These colors do not distract from the beauty of your garden. The colors are made to conform to the garden surroundings rather than be the focal point in your garden.

Now that the spring showers or summer rains are over and you are looking forward to the sunshine. You have the day selected for your planned family outing or a summer weekend outdoor party. You uncover your garden furniture, fold and put away your garden furniture covers, do a light cleaning to your garden furniture and that part of the preparation for your party is done. Ready and waiting for that special day!

Outdoor Furniture on a Budget

Perhaps it is time for some fresh outside furniture, but your funding will not flex. Like additional possible purchases, you could work more carefully toward your target for those who have an open-mind and do a little creative looking. Shops which specialize in deck furniture year ’round commonly carry highend, deepseating brands, but are much less inclined to maintain incredible sales. Appear beyond the clear and conventional resources and you may maintain for a nice shock. In some instances, affordable translates into next-to-nothing or free. Appreciate the look — the problem is why is it interesting and much more purposeful whenever you discover your “treasure.” one. Flea Markets: The Aged & the Stunning Vintage Wrought-iron Outdoor Swimming Lounge Seats at Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena A flea market may become a location — something enjoyable and budgetfriendly to do over a weekend only or with friends or family members. Most flea markets are kept monthly in the same place, even though some are yearly affairs that are frequently more like displays than locations to hit a great deal. Traditionally, your best bets for locating outside furniture at flea markets may be with classic items.

Experts guide flea market consumers to appear early when it first starts, or toward the finish. Early birds may get first choice in the great things. At the conclusion of the evening, nevertheless, it is simpler to discuss with the merchant, who might be dying to market more items or who does not need to fill the outside furniture back to the vehicle or van and carry it home.


Gallery: Hunt for Classic Garden Furniture in the Increased Bowl Flea Market 2. Online Merchants:, Craigslist & The others Ebay rattled the livelihoods of vintage shops and was among the online shopping innovators. Photographs, comprehensive explanations and a seller rating system have removed most of the issues for actually the greatest skeptics. You will locate almost any kind of outside furniture — fresh, old, fundamental, collectable — for assorted costs. In order to avoid shipping costs, do an “advanced search” and try to find auctions in your area. Craigslist is more what EBay was like in its beginning, before everyone else caught on. Attempt a nearby search under conditions like “outdoor furniture”, “patio furniture” or “wrought metal patio” if you are seeking something particular. A few additional online retailers/resellers have appeared in the scene recently.

Sale, Resale Shops, Resellers You should Learn About three. Consignment, Architectural Salvage, Vintage & Thrift Stores Mosaic Dining table and Hearth from Architectural Salvage Store Photo Copyright Lisa Hallett Taylor The delight of everything — you don’t understand what to anticipate whenever you enter a consignment store, antique shop or a location that offers architectural salvage. Prices is frequently at the foresight of the master or workers. Sometimes they do not understand what is precious or collectible, keeping the perception that fresh is much better than old. That is once you are able to jump in and rating an extremely collectible midcentury Santorini or Woodard wroughtiron seat or dining set.

Environment for Mankind has exposed numerous ReStores throughout america and Europe, where they promote reusable and excessive building materials, home fixtures, furnishings and devices to the people. Because the fiscal crisis, consignment shops have raised their company.

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Project – The Arizona Country Club

The Arizona Country Club's PatioThe View From The Arizona Country Club's Patio
The Arizona Country Club has a rich history among the Phoenix community. Its memberships are a prized possession and are passed down from generation to generation. The club is known for its superior service, its magnificent golf course and its casual and inviting, yet elegant atmosphere. This year the club decided to revamp their patio dining area and they wanted to reward their members with outdoor furniture that provided unparalleled comfort and was inline with their core values of uncompromising standards.

A Brief History Of A Storied Legacy

The Arizona Country Club has been a staple in Phoenix for over 100 years. It earned the distinction of being the first winter resort ever built in the Valley and over time it became Phoenix’s premier private club. The Arizona Country Club's Old FurnitureThe golf course is so highly regarded that from 1955 to 1973 it hosted the Phoenix Open and golf legends such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer made the course famous. Today the club features a remarkable dining room, an impressive bar and a 4,800 square foot state of the art fitness center.

Improving Upon Greatness

The club has a beautiful patio that stretches across the north side of the clubhouse and faces the iconic Camelback Mountains. Intricate stonework is used throughout the floor, the pillars and on the big round fire pit that is centered on the patio. Their previous outdoor furniture was purchased five years ago and was big and bulky and made of pinewood. The maintenance over time grew excessive and the furniture was hard to move for both the guest and the staff. As well the older club members had a hard time of getting up out of the chairs and were not satisfied with the overall comfort.

The Warehouse At Today's PatioCommercial Outdoor Furniture

From Today’s Patio

Once the club contacted Today’s Patio, one of our design specialists Tracy Snyder began working with John Neill the club’s Food and Beverage Director and Rita Lee their interior designer. John and Rita expressed to Tracy that they wanted a new look, that provided greater comfort and it was important that it was lighter and more mobile. Tracy recommended furniture from manufacture OW Lee given that it was made of wrought iron, which would keep it looking great for a long period of time. They decided on the ultra comfortable Monterra collection because it had a large selection of dining chairs and deep seating options.

In the end they purchased 115 dining chairs, 34 side chairs, 2 large oval dining tables, 33 round and square dining tables, 10 occasional tables, 6 club chairs and 6 large cuddle chairs.Arizona Country Club%27s Patio With New Deep Seating Furniture Since the patio makeover the club’s members have provided outstanding feedback and are completely satisfied with the superior comfort of the deep seating cuddle chairs. Today’s Patio would like to say thank you to The Arizona Country Club for the privilege to be able to serve such a storied and well-respected member of our community and we hope some day soon we will be invited out for a meal and a chance to enjoy the beautiful patio.

To view more pictures of The Arizona Country Club’s beautiful patio furnished with OW Lee furniture click here.

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Forged In Fire – The Superiority of Wrought Iron Furniture

OW Lee Classico wrought iron furnitureWrought iron furniture has an unrivaled ability to harmonize with any decor; from rustic to avant-garde, opulent to minimalist, wrought iron pieces look as though they were designed with one purpose only, to fill the very space they presently occupy. Even slender, dainty pieces have a solid robustness about them that says I will not be ignored.

Discerning patio owners have long favored wrought iron for its endurance as well as its striking appearance. A well-built wrought iron piece is virtually indestructible, even with minimal maintenance. This is the kind of furniture that you’ll be passing on to your grandchildren.

Not all Alloys are Created Equal

Many people use the terms wrought iron and cast iron interchangeably, though these two metals have some significant differences. The distinction is actually hidden in their names.

Wrought iron is pounded and worked, or wrought, into shape:

  • Smelted slowly
  • More pure alloy
  • Heavy and solid
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Textured grain

Manufacturing wrought iron furnitureCast iron is poured, or cast, into a mold while the iron is liquified:

  • Heated quickly
  • Less pure alloy
  • Lighter weight
  • Brittle, especially if cold
  • More prone to corrosion
  • Can be intricately detailed

In short, wrought iron furniture is extraordinarily durable, while cast iron is relatively delicate, and to our knowledge, is never used in the design of outdoor furniture.

This is not to imply that cast iron is “bad.” Cast iron is a fine choice in some situations. But if you’re looking for outdoor patio furniture that’s both rugged and universally stylish, wrought iron offers numerous advantages that other materials just can’t match.

Pros and Cons of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron furniture ranges from simplistic and straightforward to ornate and complex. It’s an extremely malleable material while being worked, allowing for elaborate shapes and designs while remaining strong enough to support a great deal of weight even on slender, curving legs.

Regardless of its shape or size, the advantages of wrought iron are universal:

  • Durable – Wrought iron furniture can withstand the heaviest of use, even by commercial standards, for decades, or even generations.
  • Heavy – Won’t tip at the slightest bump or blow away in the wind.
  • Strong – Wrought iron furniture can handle any weight or size with ease.
  • Resistant – Won’t fade in sunlight, stain or discolor, dent or scratch, lose its shape or otherwise deteriorate, with the sole exception of rust.
  • Alluring – Looks great in any setting, fits in with any theme.
  • Customizable – Simply adding new cushions or a different color finish can completely transform a piece.

Like all things, wrought iron furniture has a few disadvantages as well:

  • Wrought iron absorbs the temperature around it; it may become uncomfortably hot or cold during extreme weather.
  • Its weight makes wrought iron furniture less-than-ideal if you need to rearrange frequently.
  • Though resistant to the elements, wrought iron furniture is not impervious to rust. The protective finish may need periodic touching up to prevent rusting.

Other than watching out for rust, wrought iron furniture requires very little regular maintenance. It’s easily cleaned with plain soap and water.

Woodard Cromwell collectionIronclad Comfort

Iron might not sound like the most luxuriously comfortable seating surface, but a high-quality piece with a sculpted back and seat is easily comparable to wood, vinyl, wicker or leather, even without cushions. Some designs, such as sling chairs, have only an iron frame, with a fabric seat. Of course, lush cushions are always an option too.

A more subtle comfort factor is iron’s sturdiness, which is felt intuitively the moment you sit down. It will not bend, break, buckle, wobble, tip over or collapse. There’s no need to sit precariously on the edge of wrought iron furniture!

If you’re still concerned about the comfort quality of iron, you can always visit a local retailer and try a few out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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