What is Lawn and Garden Furniture?

12You need outdoor furniture, but you are limited on space, and the space you do have to use for outdoor activities can not support traditional garden furniture utilizing the area all the time. So, the area of your backyard can only be used for furniture on a temporary basis, or as needed. Lawn and garden furniture could be the answer you are looking for. Lawn and garden furniture are lightweight to allow them more mobility. They are designed to fold up, or stack in a secluded place. The lawn and garden furniture constructed with the design to be folded was meant to be stored in a small space like in a closet or even under a bed. The lawn and garden furniture folded will fit neatly in the trunk of your car should the need occur. You can take your lawn and garden furniture to the league games, company picnics or maybe even those family outings like a camping trip. The use of lawn and garden furniture will suit almost any occasion and will be available in the time of dilemma.

Lawn and garden furniture designed to be folded is made from lightweight durable materials such as teak and aluminum. Aluminum is the most lightweight of the metals used in making garden furniture. It is also the only metal garden furniture with a design made to fold up. Aluminum, lightweight as it is, is still a very durable substance. It is built to endure for years. The aluminum fold up style of lawn and garden furniture built today is of a superior quality than those of the past. Aluminum requires very little care to maintain its look. Teak or another lightweight wood also has lawn and garden furniture designed to fold. Teak is a very lightweight wood that is known for its strength and durability. The teak or the other lightweight wood is usually coupled with a heavy-duty woven fabric for the seats and the backs of the chairs. Teak does require a little special cleaning to maintain its natural golden finish, but restores quickly and easily. Check with your local retailer on the care of teak wood lawn and garden furniture. The other wood may require a small amount of cleaning, but you would still need to check with the retailer.22

Lawn and garden furniture is also made from recycled plastic. This style of lawn and garden furniture is made all in one piece and is designed to stack together to use the smallest amount of space for storage. This style of lawn and garden furniture is not as easily moved from your home to other outdoor functions. However, it may be the best answer for your dilemma in your backyard. A little cleaning is necessary with this type of lawn and garden furniture.

At your local discount department store you will find some if not all of the lawn and garden furniture built with all three of the material commonly used for these styles. You will be able to purchase chairs and tables in the fold and stackable all one-piece style of the lawn and garden furniture. All three will come in a variety of colors with one that will appeal to your taste.


Tips To Get Your Outdoor Furniture Ready For The Summer

With summer just around the corner, many of us are preparing our outdoor spaces for the upcoming season. While your patio, lawn and garden may require some cleaning, trimming and planting, your outdoor furniture should receive an equal amount of attention. If you have purchased a set of high quality outdoor furniture you have made a sizable investment. The following tips will not only help you to spruce up your furniture for the summer but also help protect your investment and make sure you get the most out of your patio furniture.

After a long winter your outdoor furniture is in need of a good cleaning. Ideally your furniture wasn’t left outside unprotected and you either used furniture covers or stored the furniture and/or cushions somewhere dry. Even if stored or protected, dust and other contaminants build up over time and accidents happen such as food, drink spills and bird droppings.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture & Cushions

Cleaning outdoor furniture, before and afterWhile outdoor furniture was designed to be left outside and endure the elements, some casual upkeep and maintenance will prolong the life of your furniture and increase the pleasure of using your outdoor rooms.  At least twice a year your furniture should receive a good cleaning. Patio furniture frames, cushions and slings are made of different materials and should be cleaned separately and with different products. For a regular cleaning, spray off your furniture with water first to get rid of standing dust and loose particles.  A solution of mild soap and water will take care of the majority of your cleaning needs.

For spring cleaning you may begin by vacuuming cushions. This will prevent an accumulation of dust being forced into the cushions or turned into mud by water spray. For the tougher stains like wine, berry juice, tree sap, oil and grease you may use a product designed specifically for patio furniture like 303 Patio Furniture Cleaner or 303 Fabric Cleaner. If using a furniture cleaning solution designed for the frames or vinyl straps, try to avoid your cushions and slings. Some products used on frames may damage or strip color from fabric or slings.

Cleaning outdoor fabric is much like cleaning furniture. Simple preventive measures such as turning your cushions down when not in use will keep dust from building up on seating surfaces. Regularly vacuuming or shaking the cushions will help as well. Again, cleaning with soap and water will take care of most stains. For tougher stains, outdoor fabric leader Sunbrella recommends the use of 303 Fabric Cleaner. Whenever using a cleaner be sure to fully read the instructions first and use it as instructed.

Outdoor Furniture Protectants

Whenever you thoroughly clean outdoor furniture and fabrics, you inadvertently strip the protective coating that was applied at the factory. Most furniture manufactures recommend reapplying this coating by the using 303 Patio Furniture Protectant for furniture with a matte finish like powder coated cast aluminum. This solution acts almost as a sun block, leaving the furniture with a repellant finish that prevents sweat, body oils, soiling and other contaminants from building up. For furniture with a gloss finish, treat it like your car and use an automotive wax.

Your outdoor fabrics may lose their stain protection as well. Once again, Sunbrella recommends the use of 303 High Tech Fabric Guard. Before applying 303 or any cleaning solution or fabric guard, be sure to test it first on a hidden area of the fabric. If any color rubs off, do not proceed. As always be sure to carefully read the instructions before applying.

21-point inspection

Before a long road trip it is always a good idea to have your vehicle inspected to make sure all fluids are at their right levels and that you have proper tire pressure. The same goes for your furniture. Before a long season of heavy use you want to check your furniture’s moving parts and screws. If you own a swivel rocker for instance, make sure that the screws that connect the chair body to the base are snug. On all tables (dining, bar height and occasional tables) be sure that the bolts and screws that connect the legs to the tabletop are tight. If a table is often moved around on a patio, over time those screws tend to loosen up and cause the table to wobble.

Forever GlidesPutting your best foot forward

Adjusting and replacing the foot caps on your patio furniture’s legs can help level your furniture on uneven surfaces and prevent marring your floors. Over time foot caps (glides) tend to wear down and sometimes even snap off. Adjustable foot caps (glides) may need pliers to initially break them free, as the threading can get dirty. “Cup glides” on wrought iron furniture legs will wear down over time and can eventually cause damage to your floors and furniture frames. Fortunately Forever Glides makes replacement foot glides for both cast aluminum and wrought iron furniture that are easy to install and will self-level.

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Summertime Blues? Not with Summer Classics Premier Outdoor Furniture

Summer Classics boasts over a quarter century of experience designing and manufacturing premium outdoor furniture, and it shows. From classic wicker to resplendent Burmese teak, the impeccably high standards of this company quickly become apparent. Every curve and slope, every weave and accent down to smallest detail, is clearly sculpted with both comfort and timeless beauty in mind. The end result is a truly breathtaking product.

Provance Collection

summer classics provance furnitureThe Provance Collection is the workhorse of Summer Classics’ lines, ideal for heavy use or climate extremes while retaining a distinguished, stately look. Like all Summer Classics outdoor furniture, these pieces are designed with comfort and fashion in mind as well as durability.

  • Unique double-latticework design
  • High, scooped backs for maximum comfort
  • Wide arm rests
  • Cast aluminum frame immune to rust
  • Sturdy yet lightweight; won’t bend or collapse
  • No sharp or protruding edges

You can view the unique double-latticework design in more detail by clicking on an individual piece, then clicking again on the photo for a larger view. Note how even the stretchers (bracers connecting the legs) and arm supports curve gracefully. Attention to the smallest detail.

Frame finish is available in dark Ancient Earth or lighter Pecan.

Classic Wicker Collection

classic wicker patio furnitureWicker is a timeless classic, and the Classic Wicker Collection keeps the tradition going in every respect. These charming pieces are woven in a traditional diamondback pattern with braiding along the frame.

  • Generously proportioned
  • Extra-wide arms and contoured backs
  • Rustproof cast aluminum frame
  • Optional glass tops for tables
  • Adjustable foot caps to accommodate uneven surfaces
  • Synthetic N-dura weave is fade-resistant and immune to moisture, mold and insects

Again if you click on an individual piece and then click on the picture once more, you’ll see the weaving in greater detail. It’s hard to believe this material is synthetic! Weave is available in dark Black Walnut, rich Chestnut, or light Raffia.

Summer Classics’ Wicker Collection are among the most comfortable, durable, and classically beautiful wicker pieces on the market today.

Yacht Collection

yacht teak furnitureThe Summer Classics Yacht Collection stands out even among its illustrious peers. The longer you look at these pieces the more you’ll notice the sublime craftsmanship — and the simply gorgeous Burmese teak grain.

  • Hand-woven marine grade Burmese teak
  • Natural weathered look if untreated
  • Rich teak grain if sealed
  • Waterfall (sloping) arms
  • Turned front legs
  • Solid brass accents and hardware
  • Mortise and tenon construction

One of the more interesting aspects of the Yacht Collection is the mortise and tenon construction, making these pieces very sturdy. The teak is decay-resistant, especially if sealed, but more prone to to wear than the aluminum or synthetic wicker pieces mentioned above. On the other hand, the weathered look has an appeal all its own!

Ocean Grande Collection

ocean grande teak benchSimilar to the Yacht Collection, the Ocean Grande Collection’s elegance lies in its subtlety. With fewer bells and whistles to draw the eye the richness of the teak is even more appreciated. These pieces impart grandeur through beauty of design rather than excessive ornamentation.

  • Marine grade Burmese teak
  • Natural weathered look if untreated
  • Rich teak grain if sealed
  • Solid brass accents and hardware
  • Mortise and tenon construction

Again like the Yacht Collection, the teak used to construct Ocean Grande pieces is resistant to decay but not impervious; they will become weathered without some degree of care.

The Ocean Grande collection contains more pieces than the Yacht Collection, including a Drop Leaf Dining Table and the ever-popular Chaise Lounge.

Classy Summers with Summer Classics

Classy is defined as stylish, elegant and admirable. Summer Classics outdoor furniture is all of those things, and more. Whether for yourself, loved ones, guests or clients, the outstanding workmanship and timeless beauty of these distinguished pieces will add a whole new level of sophistication to your outdoor spaces for many years to come.

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Outdoor Furniture Buying GuideNeed help finding the right outdoor furniture?

Download our “Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide” for FREE!

Loaded with important information about the different types of patio furniture materials and styles as well as great style tips from our team of designers, you’ll find everything you’ll need to help you create your own backyard escape. As an added bonus, we’ve also included a useful checklist that you can complete and take with you when you go shopping for patio furniture.

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