Treasure Garden And The Serenata Media Center – Welcome To The Future

Serenata Media Center And Umbrella LightWe recently rang in a new year much to the dismay of those pessimistic Mayans and it is now 2013. A year that a lot of us thought we would be hovering around the world and eating huge feasts made in microwave ovens. While we may not be teleporting to work and living in houses with automated butlers, the future has already delivered some fascinating gizmos. Enter Treasure Garden the worldwide leader in all things shade, outdoor umbrellas and a company known for being on the forefront of design and innovation. We earlier wrote about their wonderful online Umbrella Design Studio and all the great benefits of their outdoor furniture covers, now we want to shine a little light on their next game-changing venture.

Serenata brings the outdoor umbrella into the 21st century

With the Serenata media center and umbrella light, Treasure Garden has produced the next step in the evolution of outdoor living. “The Serenata turns any umbrella into a compact and multi-function entertainment system,” said Jeff Dorough, Treasure Garden’s vice president of sales and marketing in a November press release. “Providing accent lighting for outdoor spaces is growing in popularity and our designers have taken this one step further with the inclusion of music options compatible with today’s electronics.”

Under our outdoor umbrellas, in 2013, you’ll be treated to much more than just shade

Using the Serenata’s sleek remote control you can adjust the brightness of eight long life LED lights, or ajdust the volume of the two hi-quality speakers that allow you to listen to the built in dual band AM/FM radio or to the music from your iPod or MP3 player which you can dock directly, or shuffle between screens on the bright LCD screen display from viewing the radio station the time or the temperature. Using the same self-adjusting clamp-on bracket as Treasure Garden’s popular Vega umbrella lights, the Serenata securely fits most outdoor umbrella poles. It includes rechargeable lithium batteries that can power the super white lights for over 30 hours or power both the lights and the stereo for six hours.

Twenty years ago if someone were to tell you that one-day from the comfort of a outdoor club chair using only a remote control you could adjust the brightness of your outdoor umbrella lights while listening to the music you digitally downloaded, wouldn’t you of thought that they were watching too much Star Trek? We may not be living in the fully automated world you envisioned for 2013, but one thing is for certain, relaxing under an outdoor umbrella will never be the same again.

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