Commercial Outdoor Furniture Features Strength And Style

commercial outdoor furnitureIn private settings, patio furniture is usually chosen for either utility or aesthetics, or both. In this regard, commercial applications are not that different. The right furniture should compliment your architecture or professional atmosphere; it will enhance, or even create, whatever ambiance you envision. Patio furniture adds a sense of welcome to the space it occupies, an invitation for your patrons to relax and stay a while — and return.

But here the similarities end. The average patio chair found on the average back porch wouldn’t last long if subjected to the volume of use and abuse found in a commercial setting. Bridging the gap between these two worlds is commercial outdoor furniture.

Defining “Commercial”

Commercial patio furniture must withstand a large volume of traffic and extensive exposure to the elements, while accommodating guests of varying age, height, weight and activity levels — without collapsing, causing injury, or appearing worn. This is no small accomplishment — but it’s exactly what commercial outdoor furniture is designed to deliver.

In short, where patio furniture is normally designed for light to moderate use, the commercial variety is designed to withstand just about anything you throw at it — literally and figuratively. Here are just a few of the features you’ll find in quality commercial outdoor furniture:

  • Heavy-duty frames that won’t bend, bow or collapse
  • Additional bracing to enhance frame strength
  • Few or no moving parts prevents pinching or accidental folding
  • No sharp edges, protruding bolts, or other hazardous hardware
  • Powder-coated frames that inhibit rust, chipping or peeling
  • Industrial-strength stain, UV and mildew resistant upholstery adds durability and retains colors


Strength without Compromise

Though heavy-duty and reinforced, commercial outdoor furniture loses none of its aesthetic appeal; it is typically available in the same array of sizes, shapes, styles, colors and materials as its residential counterparts. If anything, the slightly more robust appearance of the commercial version only adds to its presence.

The same variety of pieces are usually also found in commercial patio furniture; from chaise lounges to sofas, bar stools to end tables, carts to fire pits. Choosing commercial grade does not mean giving up variety; you’re only adding quality.

Customization is the Name of the Game

Your commercial project is unique, and so are the challenges your furniture will be faced with; will it be exposed to extreme heat or cold? Sun, water or snow? Sand, dust or humidity? Uncommonly tall, short or heavy patrons? Spilled food and drink? All of the above? All of these factors — and more — determine the ideal type of frame and upholstery materials.

And that’s only the beginning. Will your furniture need to be moved frequently? If so, lightweight aluminum furniture provides obvious benefits. For very heavy use, wrought iron furniture offers lasting strength. Wood, wicker and other materials fall somewhere in between; not as lightweight as aluminum nor as durable as wrought iron, and are particularly sensitive to exposure to the elements.

Add to that the literally hundreds of frame styles and fabrics available, and choosing the right commercial outdoor furniture is a project all in itself!

Have Questions About Commercial Outdoor Furniture?

The good news is, we’re here to offer professional, one-on-one help until you find the perfect commercial patio furniture for your business — and your clientele. We have the knowledge and hands-on experience to not only help you select the ideal materials, but also custom-tailor the products to suit your specific needs, no matter how unique or ambitious your project is.

Take a look at our Trade Program for more information about the specialized pricing, customization options and services available to developers, architects, interior designers and those in the hospitality industry.

To see a real-life example of how we helped one of our clients overcome unique challenges, check out our posts on The Legend At Arrowhead and The Arizona Country Club.

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Customizable Wicker Patio Furniture – Saddleback from Whitecraft

Saddleback Left Arm Face Love Seat Sectional AngleWhether your wicker patio furnitue style is sophisticated, contemporary, or classical, the Saddleback collection from Whitecraft delivers. The ability to mix and match the various sectional outdoor furniture pieces to create seating areas to fit your entertaining and seating needs means you can create your own distinct look.

The softened angular design and warm transitional look of Saddleback wicker furniture collection consists of both conventional and modular components available in two finishes – Mocha and Coffee. The natural wicker furniture appearance and two-tone color of the weave offers a modern take on the old-fashioned elegance of wicker and is covered by a 3-year warranty.

Saddleback Right Arm Facing Chaise LoungeWhen if comes to relaxation, it’s tough to find anything comparable to the Saddleback wicker furniture collection. The plush seat and pillow-filled back cushions provide comfort at the highest levels. After sitting on a piece from this outdoor wicker furniture collection you will find there aren’t too many collections that are more delightful and inviting. Moreover, the cushions are fully customizable, so you can add your own design touches by selecting from hundreds of Sunbrella fabrics giving this collection even more personalization. Take it a step further and specify the density of your cushion fill and you be able to create a look that perfectly compliments your outdoor furniture decor and maximizes your comfort.

Every patio and porch is uniquely shaped and they all have different attractions that patio owners like to showcase like a spectacular view or a built in fire pit. Whitecraft outdoor furniture has made it easy to design your very own deep seating set with Saddleback’s wicker furniture sectional units. Using an open-faced love seat or open-faced chaise lounge along with the sectional pieces you can make sure your guest are extremely comfortable while taking in the best views your backyard has to offer. Stand-alone, outdoor patio furniture, deep seating pieces include: a lounge chair, love seat and sofa. This outdoor wicker furniture collection also has wicker occasional tables and coffee tables.

Saddleback Corner Sectional UnitSpotlight: Saddleback Corner Sectional Unit

You’ll find the corner sectional unit to be the “corner stone” of your very own unique patio set. Once you have this piece in place it’s up to you to decide if you want to add a love seat or an armless sectional unit, a chaise lounge or a…you get the idea. Combine this with the ability to have custom cushions tailor-made and your options quickly become limitless.

About The Manufacturer: Whitecraft

The designers and engineers at Whitecraft have come together to blend technology with ingenuity to form a unique and reliable product. Each piece is handcrafted from only the finest materials. Whitecraft all-weather wicker products are made of 100% HDPE synthetic wicker, which allows them to holdup in harsh climates.

Choice Collections eBook

This blog post is an excerpt from the Choice Collections eBook that is free to download. The eBook talks in great detail about this collection and four other fan favorites.

Please feel free to comment below and tell us how the Saddleback collection from Whitecraft has transformed your outdoor spaces.

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Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2013

Volare Outdoor Dining SetTrends are notoriously difficult to predict, even for those closest to the subject in question; we all know hot fashions can go out of style in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, sometimes emerging trends are impossible to miss. As outdoor furniture insiders, we’re receiving some clear signals as to what’s going to be in vogue for 2013.

Transitioning to Transitional

Transitional pieces are going to be big this year. A hybrid between classic and contemporary, transitional outdoor furniture combines severe, modern lines with subtle suggestions of the ornate decoration found in more traditional furniture. These pieces often have sculpted seats, arms and backs for improved comfort while maintaining the eye-pleasing simplicity of minimalist styles — the best of both worlds.

Outside is In

A trend that has been growing for several years is the concept of “outdoor rooms;” essentially extending your living space to the patio. As materials become ever more durable and available in an increasing variety of items, we’re seeing a surge of interest in products more traditionally found inside; outdoor rugs, for example, as well as outdoor throw pillows, outdoor lighting and other accessories.

With everything from dining tables to fire pits on the patio, creating a stylish and comfortable outdoor living area is no longer a fanciful dream.

Quality Comfort

Mallin Ellington Outdoor FurnitureComfort is definitely in! Plush cushions and inviting, oversize seating is a must for outdoor furniture in 2013. If your patio is to be an extension of your living space, it should be every bit as cozy and enjoyable to linger in as your living room.

Quality construction is also crucial for comfort. The days of delicately perching on the edge of a flimsy, teetering plastic chair are long gone — any outdoor furniture worth its weight will be solid, stable and durable. Wrought iron is among the toughest outdoor furniture you’ll find; cast aluminum offers strength without the extra weight. Both hardy and gorgeous, stone tables also appear to be a highly sought after item this year for those looking to create a unique outdoor dining experience.

Saving Space

Between the economy, retiring baby boomers and new families just starting out, there’s definitely a trend towards smaller housing. Smaller housing usually means smaller patios.

Stackable outdoor furniture is increasing in popularity, and doesn’t have to look like something you grabbed out of the discount bin at the local big box store. In fact, you can even get stackable wrought iron transitional pieces — sturdy, durable and stylish. There are stackable bar stools and wicker chairs, too!

There’s also appears to be growing interest in outdoor shelving, trunks and similar space-saving containers that won’t fall apart with minimal exposure to the elements.

Furniture in Motion

Lakeside UR Comfort Patio FurnitureThough typically not stackable, we’re also seeing a growing interest in furniture that moves; rocking chairs, swivel chairs, gliders and so forth are looking good for 2013. This trend, too, is probably a derivative of the “outdoor room” movement; bringing the indoor relaxation experience outside. With modern materials, moving parts now last longer than ever, even with minimal maintenance.

In keeping with the upward trend of moving furniture, the availability of style and materials such pieces can be found in is also growing — keep an eye on your favorite brands for new additions.

The Natural Choice

In the color department, classic, natural tones continue to be widely popular in materials and frames. Neutral colors, such as beige, ivory, black, white and grays have lasting appeal and generally go well together, ideal if color coordination is not your forté.

Cushion fabrics are a different story. Bold, vibrant colors that make a statement are in right now and don’t appear to be going out anytime soon. Reds, oranges and yellows all appear to be in fashion for this season. If you’re looking to stay updated on the latest color trends, a quick scan through the Sunbrell blog will have you in the know.

If none of these current trends sound very appealing, that’s okay too. It’s your patio — add your own creative flair, and maybe you’ll set a few trends of your own!

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Forged In Fire – The Superiority of Wrought Iron Furniture

OW Lee Classico wrought iron furnitureWrought iron furniture has an unrivaled ability to harmonize with any decor; from rustic to avant-garde, opulent to minimalist, wrought iron pieces look as though they were designed with one purpose only, to fill the very space they presently occupy. Even slender, dainty pieces have a solid robustness about them that says I will not be ignored.

Discerning patio owners have long favored wrought iron for its endurance as well as its striking appearance. A well-built wrought iron piece is virtually indestructible, even with minimal maintenance. This is the kind of furniture that you’ll be passing on to your grandchildren.

Not all Alloys are Created Equal

Many people use the terms wrought iron and cast iron interchangeably, though these two metals have some significant differences. The distinction is actually hidden in their names.

Wrought iron is pounded and worked, or wrought, into shape:

  • Smelted slowly
  • More pure alloy
  • Heavy and solid
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Textured grain

Manufacturing wrought iron furnitureCast iron is poured, or cast, into a mold while the iron is liquified:

  • Heated quickly
  • Less pure alloy
  • Lighter weight
  • Brittle, especially if cold
  • More prone to corrosion
  • Can be intricately detailed

In short, wrought iron furniture is extraordinarily durable, while cast iron is relatively delicate, and to our knowledge, is never used in the design of outdoor furniture.

This is not to imply that cast iron is “bad.” Cast iron is a fine choice in some situations. But if you’re looking for outdoor patio furniture that’s both rugged and universally stylish, wrought iron offers numerous advantages that other materials just can’t match.

Pros and Cons of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron furniture ranges from simplistic and straightforward to ornate and complex. It’s an extremely malleable material while being worked, allowing for elaborate shapes and designs while remaining strong enough to support a great deal of weight even on slender, curving legs.

Regardless of its shape or size, the advantages of wrought iron are universal:

  • Durable – Wrought iron furniture can withstand the heaviest of use, even by commercial standards, for decades, or even generations.
  • Heavy – Won’t tip at the slightest bump or blow away in the wind.
  • Strong – Wrought iron furniture can handle any weight or size with ease.
  • Resistant – Won’t fade in sunlight, stain or discolor, dent or scratch, lose its shape or otherwise deteriorate, with the sole exception of rust.
  • Alluring – Looks great in any setting, fits in with any theme.
  • Customizable – Simply adding new cushions or a different color finish can completely transform a piece.

Like all things, wrought iron furniture has a few disadvantages as well:

  • Wrought iron absorbs the temperature around it; it may become uncomfortably hot or cold during extreme weather.
  • Its weight makes wrought iron furniture less-than-ideal if you need to rearrange frequently.
  • Though resistant to the elements, wrought iron furniture is not impervious to rust. The protective finish may need periodic touching up to prevent rusting.

Other than watching out for rust, wrought iron furniture requires very little regular maintenance. It’s easily cleaned with plain soap and water.

Woodard Cromwell collectionIronclad Comfort

Iron might not sound like the most luxuriously comfortable seating surface, but a high-quality piece with a sculpted back and seat is easily comparable to wood, vinyl, wicker or leather, even without cushions. Some designs, such as sling chairs, have only an iron frame, with a fabric seat. Of course, lush cushions are always an option too.

A more subtle comfort factor is iron’s sturdiness, which is felt intuitively the moment you sit down. It will not bend, break, buckle, wobble, tip over or collapse. There’s no need to sit precariously on the edge of wrought iron furniture!

If you’re still concerned about the comfort quality of iron, you can always visit a local retailer and try a few out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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Lloyd Flanders: Over 100 Years of Premium Wicker Furniture

Lloyd Flanders Grand Traverse wicker furniture collectionA true pioneer in the wicker furniture industry, Lloyd Flanders has an interesting and varied history spanning over 100 years, during which time it transformed from a sole proprietorship to an industry giant whose products are recognized around the globe.

Humble Beginnings

The company got its start producing simple wicker furniture in 1906, operating out of a Northern Michigan factory which continues productivity to this day. Though there was little competition at the time, neither was wicker in particularly great demand.

Marshall Lloyd’s invention of the Lloyd Loom in 1917, widely considered the most significant advancement in modern wicker furniture, changed everything. With improved durability resulting from the loom process, the popularity of wicker patio pieces exploded across the nation and soon spread to Europe.

By the mid-30s Lloyd Loom was synonymous with premium wicker furniture, utilized in high-class settings from resorts to ocean liners — even onboard the British Zeppelin HM Airship R100. In fact, many of the company’s collections are named after the aristocratic backdrops in which they were found.

European production came to an extended halt after the England plant was bombed during World War II. US production was stepped up as demands for exportation to European clients increased.

The company in its present form came about when Don Flanders formed Lloyd/Flanders in 1983, with the intention of continuing emphasis on the classic Lloyd Loom technique which had proven so successful.

Lloyd Flanders today continues to produce heirloom quality wicker furniture which brings comfort and style to establishments and homes across the nation in which, through hard work and creativity, an unassuming little company grew to be an industry standard.

The Lloyd Flanders Techniques

Modern Lloyd Flanders pieces can be broken into two general categories: those crafted with original Lloyd Loom materials and techniques, and those made of woven vinyl with the exclusive SunLoom technique. Though both methods produce outstanding, natural looking products, they do have some differences:

  • Lloyd Loom wicker is created by twisting cellulose fibers into strands, sometimes wound around a strand of wire if additional strength is desired. Strands are then immersed in a glue to prevent unraveling. The material is then coated in resin and baked to provide protection from the elements. Completed strands are then woven onto the frame, and the final product coated in a heavy-duty finish for added protection against damage and elements.
  • SunLoom vinyl wicker involves a unique extrusion process which gives the material a natural looking and feeling texture. Instead of wire, SunLoom strands are reinforced with nylon cording, which prevent the strands from losing integrity under duress from use or temperature. Strands are also embedded with UV inhibitors. The resulting synthetic wicker is able to withstand heavy use and exposure to elements without significant wear.

Synthetic materials have an unfortunate — and often undeserved — reputation for looking unnatural; SunLoom wicker in particular is astonishingly “real” looking, as can be seen on Lloyd Flander’s vinyl finishes page.

Finding the Perfect Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders Hampton wicker furnitureLloyd Flanders has a staggering array of pieces, each with its own charm. Take a few moments to browse the official website; where many manufacturer’s collections are only slight variations on one another, Lloyd Flanders’ collections really stand apart– compare, for example, the formal Hamptons Collection to the relaxed Tobago Collection.

If you don’t see the perfect piece, customization is easy. Both vinyl and frame finishes come in a range of colors, and the extremely weather resistant Resysta finishes are an option on some pieces, too.

In addition to the usual range of fabric options, Lloyd Flanders offers heavy-duty Fusion Fabrics, which incorporate the weather-resistant properties of Sunbrella materials with the rich colors and patterns normally found on less durable fabrics.

5 Exceptional Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Agio Carrera CollectionOutdoor furniture or garden furniture dates back centuries, in fact five millennia as pieces have been discovered in the gardens of Pompeii and in the ruins of ancient Egypt.  As history shows, humans have long shown an affinity for being comfortable while they relax outdoors. As a result patio furniture has become a large market with many clamoring to get in on all the fun of design and fabrication. Over the years, a few outdoor furniture manufactures have separated themselves from the rest of the crowd.

Agio – Fine Outdoor Furnishings

“Leisure” is literally at the root of everything Agio represents. Taking their company name from the Italian word for leisure, Agio is often on the forefront of trendsetting design. For over two decades Agio has been a leader in aluminum furniture and is the proud owner of two of our most popular collections. Our customers have come to love both the Heritage and the Majorca collections as they put an emphasis on value without compromising design or comfort. Be on the lookout for more great Agio aluminum collections that will soon be coming to, the Carerra sling and Carerra cushion collections and the Colonnade collection.

Hanamint – Outdoor Furniture

Hannamint Grand Tuscany collectionCelebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Hanamint has quickly risen to the top of the outdoor furniture market behind ornate cast aluminum designs. Owners of several patio furniture patents, Hanamint has made a name for themselves with their ability to marry beautiful design with durability. Hanamint offers a ten-year frame warranty on all collections as a small token to their belief in each and every product they manufacture. We currently feature six of their cast aluminum collections and for more information please view a detailed write up of the Hanamint Grand Tuscany collection.

Mallin – Casual Furniture

Nearing 60 years of casual furniture excellence, Mallin is dedicated to elevating the quality of outdoor living. Mallin’s ingenuity is on full display with both their beautiful sling furniture and plush deep seating collections.  Masters of unrelenting comfort their cushioned furniture is a favorite amongst our customers. The Atlantis, Volare, Salisbury, Canyon and Ellington collections all feature thick cushions on a sturdy and stylish rust proof aluminum frame. The high back and lumbar support of their sling furniture makes it comfortable for people of all shapes and sizes and has the same appealing curved aluminum frame as their cushioned furniture.

Woodard Santa MonicaWoodard – Patio Furniture

Perhaps one of the oldest outdoor furniture manufactures today, Woodard’s traditions go back generations to over a 140 years! They still employ some of the same age-old hand forming techniques the company has used for generations as well the latest in high-tech manufacturing. A rarity in the business they are one of the few patio furniture makers that uses aluminum, wrought iron and wicker for their designs. Whichever medium or material they use they succeed in creating a wide variety of designs that are sometimes exotic, contemporary or classic. There’s something to be said about a company that has flourished for nearly a century and a half. For a more detailed reading of their methods see how Woodard builds upon their rich history.

Erwin and Sons – Casual Home Furnishings

Based out of Georgia this diverse manufacture makes a lot more than just outdoor furniture.  Erwin and Sons product lines include indoor rattan furniture, bathroom vanities and some of the finest all-weather wicker patio furniture. A company that prides itself on coming up with new concepts and products, they continually review their production process to ensure they only create products of superior quality. Their wicker Breathe collection is amongst our best sellers and features a unique multi-weave design with thick Sunbrella cushions.

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Why Is Wicker Outdoor Furniture More Popular Than Ever?

south shore wicker outdoor furnitureWith a history spanning at least 5,000 years, you might expect the novelty of wicker furniture to have worn off by now. But to the contrary, modern wicker outdoor furniture is more stylish, comfortable and durable than at any point in its considerable past.

How is that wicker furniture has been so spectacularly successful — by any measure — for so long, and still continues to grow in desirability?

The Miracle of Modern Wicker

In the not-too-distant past, wicker outdoor furniture was at a crossroads. Though aesthetically appealing, wicker furniture wasn’t exactly durable, quickly becoming sun-faded or cold-brittle, and subject to attack by all sorts of molds, mildews and creepy-crawlies. Though the advent of plastics solved many of these problems, early plastics weren’t particularly attractive; nor were they renowned for producing comfortable seating surfaces. Wicker outdoor furniture could be comfy and elegant, or it could be hardy, but it was seldom both.

But times change. Where once wicker outdoor furniture could only be expected to last a few years at best without rigorous care, today’s all-weather wicker patio furniture will last decades in any climate — with all the rustic charm and cozy comfort of its predecessors.

All Natural — Or Not?

Though largely responsible for making wicker a truly “all weather” option, many consumers remain concerned about the appearance of synthetic fibers. The truth is modern synthetic materials can be made to look and feel so natural that most people wicker furniture close upnever notice the difference, even if looking close, as is demonstrated nicely in the Saddleback Collection or the Cabo Wicker Collection (click on an individual piece for close-ups of the weave). Of course, synthetic fibers can be made to look decidedly unnatural, for those going for a more offbeat look.

Natural fibers have come a long way too, thanks to advancements in varnish and resin coatings which inhibit wear, warping, cracking, and fading, as well as creating a strong barrier against water, insects and molds. However, natural fibers do require more upkeep than synthetic materials, thus making them less popular and increasingly hard to find.

Frame Fundamentals

A piece of furniture is only as strong as its frame. Even most natural weaves are equipped with metal frames these days. Aluminum is most common, being strong yet lightweight, not to mention rust-proof and immune to insects and elements.

Incorporating aluminum into wicker patio furniture has allowed construction of pieces previously unavailable in wood-only, such as swivel bar stools, double gliders, and even wicker serving carts.

Although extremely rare, it’s still possible to find wooden frames in natural wicker pieces, but again this makes the piece both more cumbersome and prone to decay if used outdoors. When it comes to frames, the advantages of aluminum far outweigh those of wood.

Maintenance Free Furniture

Modern wicker outdoor furniture is virtually maintenance free, requiring little more than the occasional spray with a hose for cleaning. Dirt and spills are easily wiped off of both synthetic and treated natural materials.

One of the more distinct advantages of using synthetic fibers is that the color is embedded throughout the material, so color is retained even if the piece scratched or chipped. Likewise high-quality synthetic wicker has built-in UV protection to inhibit fading, adding years to its life.

Vintage Charm in a Modern World

Wicker has a unique appeal in any setting, be it a rural farm or an urban business complex. Its rustic refinement is rarely matched in the furniture world, indoors or out. With the variety of styles, sizes, shapes and colors available today, it’s not difficult to find the perfect wicker piece for even the most discerning patio. If you’re in the market for outdoor furniture, wicker is definitely worth a second look!


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