Discover New Traditions with Tropitone Patio Furniture

Tropitone Patio Furniture - Lakeside collectionWhen browsing Tropitone Patio Furniture, the first word that might come to mind is modern. The second word might be fun. By then you’ll be too absorbed in the variety of products and customization options to think of a third classification.

Tropitone has been setting industry standards, and trends, in both the commercial and retail patio furniture trade for over half a century. Among the first patio furniture manufacturers to make the conversion from wooden frames to strong, lightweight aluminum, Tropitone has remained at the forefront of crafting stylish, ergonomic furniture with a unique flair you just won’t find elsewhere.

The Spice of Life

If Tropitone had a middle name, it would be Variety. From standard strap chairs to luxurious outdoor sofas to the delightful (and sinfully comfortable) sling chairs, Tropitone has it all — and then some.

And that’s just the beginning.

The real allure of Tropitone is the customization options, and the ease with which you can preview them, in real time, with only a few clicks of the mouse. After selecting one of the hundreds of different furniture pieces from the Tropitone website, you’ll then get to choose from hundreds of different frame finishes, vinyls and fabrics. In most cases, your selections will be updated right before your eyes on the particular piece you chose. No more unhappy fabric revelations when the delivery truck pulls up!

Our previous post on Tropitone’s Color Center provides a detailed explanation of customization previews.

Because the sheer volume of products is somewhat overwhelming, Tropitone has broken their website down into helpful categories so you can browse by:

  • The type of area you want to furnish
  • A certain style you’re looking for
  • Pieces in a particular collection
  • General product types
  • And finally, coordinated groups

Whatever type of patio furniture you’re looking for — be it bar stools or dining tables — Tropitone offers it in impressive variety, each piece with its own sophisticated elegance.

Refined Comfort

Tropitone patio furniture is generously proportioned for maximum comfort. Chair backs are contoured to ergonomic perfection, seating surfaces are firm but giving. Arms, legs and frames curve gracefully, inviting to both the eye and the body — sit, relax, stay a while.

The company’s Relax-Plus cushions are among the most comfortable to be found among patio furniture of any era, fashioned in the same manner as premium indoor cushions but with materials made to withstand outdoor extremes. Did we mention there’s a custom cushion fabric selector, too?

Built To Last

Tropitone began as a commercial dealer, building furniture products to withstand heavy use and abuse, as well as to resist perpetual exposure to elements. These high-quality standards continue to be employed in the construction of retail pieces.

As mentioned above, cushions are designed to withstand the elements inside and out. Vinyls and acrylics are top of the line, providing strength while inhibiting wear and UV fading.

Frames are constructed of aluminum or cast aluminum, which is not only impervious to rust, but also mold, insects and other such ailments that plagued wooden frames. The powder coating finish is tougher than conventional paints, resistant to discoloration, scratching or chipping — and allows for a wide range of textures. Customizable, of course!

Convenient, Too!

With a few exceptions, Tropitone patio furniture requires little maintenance beyond wiping or spraying off with soapy water. Models that allow for it are designed to be stackable. With rust-proof aluminum, chip- and scratch-resistant powder coating, and fabrics with built-in UV protection, all you need to do with your Tropitone furniture is enjoy it.

If you’re looking for cutting-edge, high-quality patio furniture, try Tropitone. Find out what 50-plus years of experience building fashionable comfort can do for you and your guests!

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