Fire Pits & Patio Heaters – Good Bye Cold Nights

Patio Heater With Table - Stainless SteelThe cold winter can be a cruel and intimidating foe. It can drive you from your outdoor spaces and trap you in your house. There it dooms you to peer through your windows at your deserted patio that longs for companionship. Out in the cold your furniture sits (hopefully protected with a furniture cover) reminiscing of the good days when you would gleefully swivel in the chairs, eagerly read countless books on the chaise lounge and happily entertain friends on your lovely bar height furniture set. It is safe to say that the winter and your patio are natural enemies. In this aged old battle, Today’s Patio has not remained neutral and has been an active advocate of your patio. We are here to tell you that the winter does not have to control your life and that you can enjoy your beautiful outdoor spaces year-round. Here’s how:

When combating the cold there are many tools at your disposal but they really boil down to two main categories, heaters and fire pits. Sure both give off heat but patio heaters can heat a much bigger space while a fire pit can be a centerpiece of a gathering area. So really you need to decide if you want to add heat to an already complete patio set or create an area that is focused around a fire pit.

Patio Heaters – Spreading The Warmth

As stated before, a patio heater is a great way to add heat to an already complete patio set. The big stand alone heaters give off over 40,000 BTU’s, which can heat about a 20’ diameter. Most come equipped with wheels making it easy to move the heater to different areas of your patio. They are available in several colors and finishes to best match your outdoor furniture. Most heaters are fueled with 20-pound propane tanks although the adjustable tall infrared heat lamp is electric, making it useable both outdoors and indoors. Portable table top patio heaters are an excellent solution for heating dining areas. They won’t clutter up your table, as the base is just a little over a foot wide in diameter. Although small, the units still put off around 14,000 BTU’s or can heat about a 5’ diameter.

Fire Pits – A Beautiful Solution For A Chilly Patio

54 Rd Chat Height Santorini Fire PitWhile a fire pit won’t heat an entire patio, it can keep a conversation with friends going through the night. We offer several different heights of fire pits ranging from chat table to coffee table to dining table even up to counter heights. Some fire pits are wood burning while some burn gas. The gas fire pits have many different fire media options such as ceramic logs, lava granules or tumbled glass. You also have many different variations of bases and tops. The OW Lee Santorini fire pit in particular has the option for a round, rectangular or square top that comes in 8 different porcelain tiled variations and 2 cast aluminum styles and also 6 different bases that vary in width and height. With so many different options we are sure to have a fire pit that is just right for your patio.

You’ve worked so hard to perfect your outdoor areas and it would be a shame if you couldn’t enjoy them all year long. Whether it is by the light of a customized fire pit or from the cozy warmth radiating from a patio heater, we hope that you laugh in the cold face of winter. Here’s a toast to you conqueror of frosty nights and overcast days, may your outdoor experiences be forever pristine regardless of the season.

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