Outdoor kitchens provide a way to entertain outdoors. There are so many design possibilities available today with grills, refrigerators, and other kitchen necessities that your backyard can become a cohesive living area. Select from the companies below for top quality outdoor kitchens.

PLAN FIRST – Decide what you want to do, how many guests, and how much space you can allocate before you start choosing pieces of equipment and materials.

THINK IT THROUGH – Enclosures can be nearly impossible to modify once built, so consider all of the pieces you need to create the kitchen you desire. Storage and refrigeration can save you countless trips back and forth to the indoor kitchen.

REMEMBER THE UTILITIES – A modern outdoor kitchen may need 40+ amps of electrical service and over 100,000 BTUs of gas capacity, not to mention water, drains, etc. Hire a professional.


1. Durable Grill
2. Access Doors
3. Storage Center
4. Trash Centers
5. Refrigeration
6. Prep & Hand Wash Sink
7. Paper Towel Holder
8. Side Burner or SearZone
9. Platting Center
10. Warming Drawer

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