No backyard is complete without outdoor furniture. It provides a place to relax and socialize with friends and family. Your outdoor furniture selection will set the mood for your backyard. There are a lot of different outdoor furniture types for you to choose from that can give your yard and garden a brand new look.  You just need to decide which material and style will work best with your decorating tastes, the amount of care and maintenance you’re willing to put into keeping it looking good, and your budget.

What will you need your outdoor furniture for: Is it for lavish dinner parties or quiet newspaper-and-coffee mornings? Does the space get a ton of sun? Will the furniture be sitting on grass or on a hard surface? Your answers will help determine if you need an umbrella or if you need a lighter weight furniture for grassy spots. It can also help you decide if you need a large table and chairs or just a simple set of comfy chairs with an end table between them.If you’re buying a table for a patio or deck, measure the space that you’re planning to fill. Keep in mind that the chairs around a table take up an additional 24 inches of space. And then you’ll need an extra 24 to 36 inches from the back of the chairs to be able to walk around.

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