Home Is Where The Art Is: Expanding and decorating tips without driving up your insurance costs


Home Is Where The Art Is: Expanding and decorating tips without driving up your insurance costs

Let’s face it: the more you redecorate and expand your house, the more insurance firms will charge you, let alone home improvements without the express permission of the local government. In Northern Ireland, the grant for repair and improvement of privately-owned homes has to be reviewed first by the NIHE Grants scheme. Despite the shortage in funding due to the economic crisis, it still gives mandatory repair grants to tenants, landlords, and agents with valid statutory notices from the local council.

In an interview with Moneywise, estate agent Dean Sanderson said that a lot of people don’t mind about getting home improvement permits, which in turn, raises the premium and the potential price of their home. “If a property has had illegal changes made to it, new buyers will have to factor in the cost of rectifying the problem,” Sanderson said. However, there are times that you cannot avoid the urge to redecorate your house and expand your “living space”, so to speak. If you want to make some improvements on your humble abode without crossing the line or raising the prices of your home policy, here are a few tips:

Ditch permanent walls—go for collapsible partitions

Need to divide a room into smaller niches? Forget about building permanent walls between them—go for collapsible partitions instead. Aside from being relatively cheaper than erecting brick walls to divide the room, you wouldn’t be needing permits in order to buy these walls. If you think the noise is going to be a problem, fret not. Home interior solutions providers offer movable acoustic walls that will absorb and diffuse the sound from the rooms.

Get creative—all by yourself

Fancying a Degas to grace your walls or a Bauhaus panel to serve as a functional piece of art? Don’t bother; it will just catapult your house’s policy price to a colossal amount. Instead of buying expensive fixtures or artworks, get those idle hands working and make your own. You can stencil a girl holding a string connected to your wall clock to have a Banksy-esque street art inside your house. If you want artsy fixtures without shelling cash, you take out those empty wine bottles from the shed and turn them to a chandelier. Just think as if there’s no box, and you’ll go a long way.

Consult your insurance provider

If you have ideas on how to improve your home but you’re uncertain whether these will increase the price of your house’s policy, why not seek professional help and talk to your policy provider? You can check if your home improvement ideas are covered or even get a free trial from Aviva, which will allow you to have home insurance for eight weeks. This will give you an idea on how this insurance company works and if it can cater to all your home improvement needs. Just discuss the terms of your plans and you’ll be just fine.

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