Commercial Outdoor Furniture Features Strength And Style

commercial outdoor furnitureIn private settings, patio furniture is usually chosen for either utility or aesthetics, or both. In this regard, commercial applications are not that different. The right furniture should compliment your architecture or professional atmosphere; it will enhance, or even create, whatever ambiance you envision. Patio furniture adds a sense of welcome to the space it occupies, an invitation for your patrons to relax and stay a while — and return.

But here the similarities end. The average patio chair found on the average back porch wouldn’t last long if subjected to the volume of use and abuse found in a commercial setting. Bridging the gap between these two worlds is commercial outdoor furniture.

Defining “Commercial”

Commercial patio furniture must withstand a large volume of traffic and extensive exposure to the elements, while accommodating guests of varying age, height, weight and activity levels — without collapsing, causing injury, or appearing worn. This is no small accomplishment — but it’s exactly what commercial outdoor furniture is designed to deliver.

In short, where patio furniture is normally designed for light to moderate use, the commercial variety is designed to withstand just about anything you throw at it — literally and figuratively. Here are just a few of the features you’ll find in quality commercial outdoor furniture:

  • Heavy-duty frames that won’t bend, bow or collapse
  • Additional bracing to enhance frame strength
  • Few or no moving parts prevents pinching or accidental folding
  • No sharp edges, protruding bolts, or other hazardous hardware
  • Powder-coated frames that inhibit rust, chipping or peeling
  • Industrial-strength stain, UV and mildew resistant upholstery adds durability and retains colors


Strength without Compromise

Though heavy-duty and reinforced, commercial outdoor furniture loses none of its aesthetic appeal; it is typically available in the same array of sizes, shapes, styles, colors and materials as its residential counterparts. If anything, the slightly more robust appearance of the commercial version only adds to its presence.

The same variety of pieces are usually also found in commercial patio furniture; from chaise lounges to sofas, bar stools to end tables, carts to fire pits. Choosing commercial grade does not mean giving up variety; you’re only adding quality.

Customization is the Name of the Game

Your commercial project is unique, and so are the challenges your furniture will be faced with; will it be exposed to extreme heat or cold? Sun, water or snow? Sand, dust or humidity? Uncommonly tall, short or heavy patrons? Spilled food and drink? All of the above? All of these factors — and more — determine the ideal type of frame and upholstery materials.

And that’s only the beginning. Will your furniture need to be moved frequently? If so, lightweight aluminum furniture provides obvious benefits. For very heavy use, wrought iron furniture offers lasting strength. Wood, wicker and other materials fall somewhere in between; not as lightweight as aluminum nor as durable as wrought iron, and are particularly sensitive to exposure to the elements.

Add to that the literally hundreds of frame styles and fabrics available, and choosing the right commercial outdoor furniture is a project all in itself!

Have Questions About Commercial Outdoor Furniture?

The good news is, we’re here to offer professional, one-on-one help until you find the perfect commercial patio furniture for your business — and your clientele. We have the knowledge and hands-on experience to not only help you select the ideal materials, but also custom-tailor the products to suit your specific needs, no matter how unique or ambitious your project is.

Take a look at our Trade Program for more information about the specialized pricing, customization options and services available to developers, architects, interior designers and those in the hospitality industry.

To see a real-life example of how we helped one of our clients overcome unique challenges, check out our posts on The Legend At Arrowhead and The Arizona Country Club.

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